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    About our Approach

    We provide a wide range of brokerage services, but our consultations are what really distinguish us from our competitors. Charles Goodman & Co Ltd brokers employ a different strategy than most professionals in the industry. We educate our clients in the details of the insurance field and help them identify details and terms that might improve their policies and better meet their needs.

    Each consultation we conduct begins with a frank, pressure free discussion where our clients describe their needs to us. From there, we suggest policy particulars that may best suit them, but we’re careful not to allow our own biases to influence the process. We simply identify potential solutions and alternatives and answer consumer questions about each. In this fashion, we empower people to more effectively choose the options that are ultimately appropriate for them.

    Our personalized treatment of clients isn’t limited to consultations, however. After we’ve helped someone craft their policy, we’ll dive right in and set everything up. For years, we’ve maintained partnerships with numerous policy providers. We ensure that clients who decisions will be appropriately provided by working with cooperative carriers.

    We also apply the same diligence to processing claims. When our clients experience damage to their homes or businesses, for instance, we take the time to visit their properties and assist them in documenting the evidence they’ll need to file claims successfully. By helping policyholders secure the benefits they require to recover completely, our staff makes the insurance process easier to deal with during the most stressful times.

    Our insurance brokers are knowledgeable in a variety of coverage products and policy types, including homeowners, business, auto, health, life and casualty insurance. In addition to aiding those who want to purchase new policies, we routinely restructure old insurance agreements so that consumers can extend their coverage to correspond with changes in their own lives. We’re always willing to answer questions and audit policies to help individuals, families and business owners make their insurance solutions more efficient.