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Charles Goodman Insurance Agency offers residential and commercial insurance services that are founded on the principle that the client is the most important factor in the insurance equation. As policyholders, our clients have unique goals and needs. The things they wish to protect with their policies vary widely. Our mission is to help people realize these goals and meet their needs without having to wade through insurance policies that fail to accommodate them on a personal level.

Auto Insurance

Are you looking for car insurance in Armonk, Bedford, Chappaqua or somewhere in the surrounding area? Look no further than Charles Goodman Insurance Agency. 

We distinguish ourselves from other agencies by acting as an agent and broker, which means that we work with a broad array of insurance companies to bring our clients the largest assortment of options possible.

Business Insurance

The assets a company relies on to serve its customers are critical to its continued operation, but some firms lack contingency plans to keep their vital machinery, computers and stock ready for use following disasters.

Firms invest heavily in the items that allow them to do their work, and many seek some form of business insurance coverage to prevent crippling losses.

Employee Benefits

Major changes have occurred in the world of Employee Benefits as of late, so it’s little wonder that so many people are confused. If you’re one of them and are looking for employee benefits in Bedford, Armonk, Chappaqua or another nearby community, the Charles Goodman Insurance Agency is here to help. 

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance isn’t just designed to protect your home and its contents. The right policy will also help you maintain your lifestyle and standard of living, and it will allow you to enjoy your home without the constant fear of ending up with insurmountable repair and replacement bills. 

Property & Casualty

Property and casualty insurance products are by no means uniform. Although many policies and plans certainly have common elements, consumers ultimately retain the power to customize their coverage packages to meet their specific needs and those of their loved ones. 

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