Reducing Automobile Insurance Costs

Charles Goodman Group: Experienced Insurance Agent in Bedford

Drivers with excessive tickets in the past understand the high cost of auto insurance. Insurers must raise rates for people who drive erratically or dangerously to cover those high-risk collision possibilities. For most drivers, safe driving is a goal for low rates each policy year. With the help of a Bedford insurance agent, drivers can find the best rates with a few clever strategies.

The most obvious way toward low insurance rates is being a good driver. However, companies can’t sit in the passenger seat with drivers. Today’s technology gives insurers a peek at current driving habits with integrated trackers. With the car owner’s permission, the insurance company installs an electronic device meant to record speed, braking and other vehicle maneuvers. Insurers access the information remotely, proving a driver is safe on a daily basis.

Not every car is brand new and many people enjoy driving older vehicles because of their reliability through the years. Insurance rates can only drop so low on standard policies, however. If a person owns an older car and seeks lower rates, remove the vehicle’s comprehensive and collision coverage. This coverage is meant for newer vehicles and their subsequent repairs.

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Because an older car probably won’t be repaired but actually replaced, this coverage isn’t necessary.

Safe driving and low insurance rates also depend on driver alertness. Always be aware of driving conditions and even the surrounding neighborhood. Don’t stop or park in dark areas where criminal activity could be lurking. Even add an anti-theft device to reduce possible crimes against the vehicle. If there’s an emergency and the vehicle must be stopped in a bad area, call a tow truck and remain in the car. Drivers’ safety is more important than the vehicle being vandalized or damaged any further.

Insurance companies appreciate proactive customers looking to better themselves. Attend a driving refresher course, for example, to solidify the rules of the road in the mind. Insurance companies usually discount rates for a passing class. These classes can be taken periodically, but usually not too often. Insurers can’t discount rates again when the class was just taken. Apply the classroom skills to see less traffic tickets and low rates on next year’s policy.

All insurance companies offer slightly different incentives to entice customers to their product. Ask several insurers about their available discounts. Some companies even offer discounts for good grades in high school or college. Being safe on the road helps everyone’s insurance rates drop with less accidents to worry about.