Policyholder Information

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Insurance companies vary their policies to meet the needs of their clients. This means that two individuals could walk into an insurance agency looking for homeowner’s insurance and walk away with policies that cover different things and have different premiums. The best way for a homeowner to get an idea of what they need covered and what they might pay is by talking to a Bedford insurance agent.

There is some basic information that an insurance agent is going to need in order to help create the right policy for a customer. First, they are going to need information about the policyholder. This includes their social security number, contact information, source of employment, marital status as well as other residents who will live in the home.

They will also ask for more detailed information like whether the applicant currently has insurance or if they have any insurance claims they are currently filing. From there, they will need to know basic information about the house, such as how much it would cost to rebuild it if it was destroyed. Information about how long a homeowner has lived in a home, if they smoke or if they operate a business out of the home will also be required.

If a homeowner operates a business, an insurance company will ask questions about the type of business they run. It may be that business insurance or general liability insurance will be required to adequately cover the materials and equipment used for the home-based business.

A trusted Bedford insurance agent from the Charles Goodman Group can assist you with any questions regarding health insurance or automobile insurance.

They will want to know about pets in the home. Attention will be given to dogs that are thought to be aggressive breeds. Homeowners who have exotic pets in their homes will have to prove that they have the necessary licenses to keep these pets, and they will have to give a description of the enclosures that have been created for their pets.

Finally, they will want to know information about the home. What year was the built? What year did the homeowner purchase it? Is the home owned by the homeowner, or do they have a mortgage? If they have a mortgage, an insurance agent will want information about the lender since homeowner’s insurance is often paid for along with the mortgage payments.

The style of the home, the size of the home, the type of flooring, the number of kitchens and bathrooms, whether or not the home has a swimming pool, and a detailed explanation of the electrical, plumbing, HVAC and drainage systems will also be required.

Obviously, the questions asked by every insurance company will vary. Homeowners should expect to provide detailed information about themselves, the home, and anyone else who will be living in the home that could create a potential financial risk.