Automobile Accident Scenario

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Automobile insurance is made up of different parts that need to function harmoniously in order for the insurance to be effective. An Armonk insurance agent has a detailed knowledge of how these policies work and can be an invaluable source of information when dealing with insurance issues.

Examining a common automobile accident scenario will give valuable insight into the way auto insurance functions. In this scenario, an individual is driving their pickup truck down the road when they approach an intersection with a yellow light. Just as they are about to cross the intersection, a dog runs out in front of their vehicle, so they swerve to avoid hitting the canine. In the process, they crash into a minivan in the opposite lane. The force of the impact drives them into the median, and finally, their vehicle strikes the lamppost. Once the vehicle stops moving, the driver gets out and checks on the family in the minivan. Everyone is okay, but as a precautionary measure, they decide to go to the hospital. The driver of the pickup truck is experiencing pain in his lower back.

In this scenario, here is how insurance would step in. Since the pickup driver was at fault, their bodily injury liability coverage would take care of the personal injury expenses of the family in the minivan.

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The pain the pickup driver is experiencing in his lower back will be covered by PIP, personal injury protection, which would work hand-in-hand with the pickup truck driver’s health insurance to cover medical care after the accident.

Property damage liability would help cover repairs to the lamppost and to any other vehicles or property that was damaged. The driver will be responsible to pay for any damage that goes over their policy’s limit.

The repairs for the pickup truck would be covered by collision coverage. Remember, liability coverage is designed to help and repay everyone else. Collision coverage is to help the policyholder repair his or her own vehicle. It will cover any repairs to the vehicle up to the cash value of the vehicle. Collision coverage includes a deductible.

The expense of transporting the pickup truck from the accident scene to the repair shop is covered by emergency road service. This type of coverage is optional, but it can be an invaluable help when there is an accident. All the policyholder will need to do is call the contact number on their insurance card and their vehicle will be transported to the repair shop.

Finally, rental car coverage, another optional form of coverage, will cover the expense of renting a car while the pickup truck is being repaired.

The above-mentioned scenario is just an example of some basic aspects of automobile insurance. Every scenario is different. When a person is in an automobile accident, after getting appropriate medical care, it is important that they speak with their own insurance agent to see how to proceed.