Types of Car Insurance

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All drivers are at risk for becoming involved in a car accident that causes serious damage to the vehicle or results in costly medical bills. Each of the five main types of insurance provides coverage for different aspects of an accident or damage caused to the vehicle. An Armonk Insurance Agent may be able to help drivers determine what the best coverage is for their situation.

In the event a driver causes a car accident, their liability insurance will cover the cost of the damages that were sustained by the other party. This insurance may cover medical bills accrued during the treatment of any accident injuries and the cost of the damages caused to the other vehicle. Liability insurance is often the minimum coverage that most states require.

Collision coverage policies cover any damages that may occur to a vehicle as the result of a car accident. Depending on the amount of collision coverage a vehicle owner has, the insurer will be responsible for covering the cost of repairs. If the vehicle was totaled in the accident, the insurer may cover the value of the car at the time the accident took place.

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Unlike liability insurance, personal injury coverage may provide protection against the high costs of medical bills to a driver and their vehicle occupants, no matter who was found liable for the crash. The medical costs that this type of insurance may cover include treatment, rehabilitation and potentially even funeral costs. Depending on the insurance plan, income that was lost due to the crash may also be covered.

Comprehensive coverage covers damage to a vehicle that may be caused by anything other than a traffic accident. This insurance covers damage caused by inclement weather, accidents involving deer or even theft.

Finally, uninsured motorist coverage or under-insured motorist coverage can protect a person in the event that they become involved in a car accident with a driver who failed to obtain liability insurance or if their coverage does not cover all of the damage. While it is usually required that all drivers have liability insurance, there are those who still drive without coverage. While a person could potentially sue for the costs of the damage, there is a possibility that the person will not receive payment for the cost of damages.

The state of New York requires motorists to obtain policies that include liability insurance, insurance for property damage and no-fault liability coverage. While there are certain minimums that a motorist must be covered for, the amount of coverage a person may wish to have should depend upon their circumstances and any other insurance policy they may already have.