Policyholder Protection

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Homeowners may be concerned about the potential liability they could face for injuries sustained by visitors or workers while they are on their property. This is especially the case if the home has a large yard, a walkway that freezes over during the winter or a blind driveway. On an annual basis, hundreds of homeowners across the United States are forced to pay damages because of accidents that took place on their property. Try as they may, homeowners are limited in what they can do to completely accident-proof their property.

The majority of the homeowners insurance claims that a Bedford insurance agent will see are slip and fall injuries. In the winter, slip and fall injuries occur due to snow and ice accumulation on untreated sidewalks and driveways. During the summer, the majority of these accidents take place when contractors are working on the roof and they lose their balance and tumble to the ground. It is not uncommon for injuries of this sort to result in medical bills that are in excess of $50,000.

In most cases, homeowners insurance is sufficient to cover the medical bills and other expenses associated with an accident.

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When homeowners have not purchased sufficient insurance, it is possible that the injured party may file a lawsuit against the homeowner to cover any additional expenses that the insurance policy did not pay for. They may also file a lawsuit if the homeowners insurance denies his or her claim.

What if a homeowner is injured while they are working on their own property? Does homeowners insurance provide protection for them? The answer is no. Homeowners insurance is not designed to cover the medical expenses associated with injuries sustained by a policyholder while they are on their own property. If a homeowner falls off of the roof and injures himself while he is doing repairs, he will have to cover the medical expenses out of his own pocket or file a claim with his health insurance company.

If the homeowner recently had work done on their property and as a result of poor workmanship they sustained an injury, they may be able to file a claim against the contractor who did the work. This would, of course, require the homeowner to gather sufficient evidence to file a lawsuit and get in contact with legal professionals who could see the lawsuit through to the finish.

Owning a home is a privilege, but it is also a responsibility that comes with risk. Homeowners insurance is designed to minimize that risk and to give the homeowner peace of mind.