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Homeowners insurance is designed to provide consumers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that in the case of a disaster their property and possessions are protected. Some individuals mistakenly believe that homeowners insurance covers any and every sort of disaster that might befall their dwelling. However, this is far from the case. It is advisable for homeowners to speak with a Chappaqua insurance agent to get a clear understanding of what their homeowner’s policy covers and what it does not.

Damages that are the result of earthquakes are usually excluded from homeowner’s policies. Some policies will cover certain damages like fires that happen as a result of an earthquake, but the damage from the earthquake itself is not included. Homeowners will need to purchase a separate earthquake policy. In many states where earthquakes happen with frequency, the government requires that homeowners purchase earthquake insurance either from the government or from a private insurance agent.

Floods are also excluded from many policies. Even people who do not live in flood prone communities should investigate a flood policy. Inundations can appear suddenly due to unexpected heavy rains and the melting of heavy snow.

Many policies do cover hail damage. Hail damage is a named peril.

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A policy must specifically say that hail damage is covered for the policyholder to have protection.

Hurricanes are covered by many homeowners insurance policies. Flood damage caused by hurricanes is not covered unless the homeowner has a flood policy. Most insurance policies will only provide basic coverage for hurricanes. This means that individuals who have expensive homes, expensive possessions or other items of value that could be lost in a hurricane will need to purchase extended hurricane protection. In areas that are hurricane prone, homeowners may be required by the government to purchase additional hurricane protection either from the government or a private source.

Tornadoes are covered under most insurance policies. The exception is any flood damage caused by the tornado. Many policies do not specifically say the term tornado coverage, but tornadoes fall under the category of windstorms, which appears in many policies. Depending on the level of exposure that a homeowner has, they may consider purchasing a more expensive policy or have a higher deductible in order to receive better coverage.

The above-mentioned perils are just a few of many that homeowners are at risk of experiencing. It is essential for homeowners to sit down and speak to their insurance agent to get a good idea of what things they should protect their homes from and how much coverage they need for each thing.