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Charles Goodman Group: Trustworthy Insurance Agents Chappaqua NY

As a Chappaqua Insurance Agent committed to upholding the integrity of the profession, Charles Goodman & Co Ltd makes its customers’ needs a priority. Ever since the company’s founding in the 1960s, its progressive views of “customer interest before profit” and “price is not a driving factor” have set a standard for the industry.

There is no single policy, no matter how skillfully crafted, that is right for every customer. A true broker will ask questions and listen intently to the answers. Even the smartest broker won’t know the exact wants and needs of any given customer. Such an agent will assist the customer in making financial decisions regarding his or her policy. For example, there is a big difference between an automobile or home policy that offers a payout of “actual cash value” and one that provides a replacement. While they might sound the same, they’re quite different. Replacement insurance covers the present cost of getting a new item; “actual cash value” accounts for depreciation.

Although customers have heard all sorts of slogans like “looking out for client needs” or “friendly, professional service,” Charles Goodman’s Chappaqua office sincerely puts it into practice. By truly caring, the 15 extremely experienced employees of Charles Goodman & Co Ltd strive daily to assuage client fears and provide real peace of mind.

The insurance agent experts at the Charles Goodman Group of Chappaqua NY can assist you with any questions regarding automobile insurance or health insurance.

Not only are they reliable and experienced, but they’re also trustworthy and friendly. Clients will feel right at home as the company guides them through the twisted maze of policies: automobile, home, life, casualty, health and business. By remaining up-to-date and bringing a watchmaker’s attention to detail to the table, they’ll make well-reasoned recommendations based on a combination of correctly gathered information, supreme product knowledge and sound judgment.

As a small token of appreciation for the customer’s patronage, the company always gives free guidance to first-timers when they’re selecting the right policies. As an example, a current customer, who was once so exasperated at the aggressive sales tactics of brokers calling his home that he simply called an insurance company and bought the least expensive policy, had an automobile accident. It wasn’t a bad accident by any stretch of the imagination, but because he hadn’t completely read the policy or had it explained to him, he had extreme difficulty in completing his claim. When he called Charles Goodman Group, the company not only explained, in detail, the differences between buying insurance directly and from a broker but also gave him a complete rundown of a series of policies that would fulfill his needs. By making him feel as if he were their most important customer, the company was able to give him complete peace of mind for the next time.