How to Buy Life Insurance

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There are a few details to consider when buying life insurance for the first time. In the event that you pass away unexpectedly, your coverage protects the people who depend on you for financial support, providing them with a payment based on the policy you take out in preparation. Even if you don’t have any dependents living with, it’s still a good idea to purchase life insurance to take advantage of the lower rates available for younger individuals. Having a conversation with an Armonk insurance agent is your first step to getting the best pricing, coverage and support. The longer you wait, the higher your rates will be. This phenomenon happens because you become statistically less likely to survive. Typically, older clients earn more money and have more assets to insure.

To figure out how much coverage you need, you can simply use the eight-year rule, which says to buy coverage for eight years of your annual salary. This method is simplistic and an improper fit for some people. A more accurate method is to calculate all the expenses your dependents will have to pay and divide this number by 0.07.

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The number you get represents how much your income would earn in interest, giving your dependents the same financial support you would provide for them. You also need to include the money they would have to spend on hospice, medical or funeral costs to compensate them accordingly. Your insurer pays this amount to your dependents in a lump sum, and they can arrange for the money to be saved or invested.

The simplest and most affordable life insurance is called term life, and it covers only basic needs and expenses. For coverage that pays for all your financial contributions, including interest and various extras, you can opt for permanent life instead. Some life insurance policies allow you to withdraw funds from your balance, like a checking or savings account. It’s important to make sure that your insurer invests your payments prudently so that the amount of money you expect is there when your dependents need it. You may also want to consider options for annuity, a feature that pays a fixed or adjustable amount for retirement or other planned expenses. With annuity certain, if you pass away before you receive the full amount of your annuity, your beneficiary gets the remaining payments. Deferred annuity stores your payments in a fund that accumulates until you begin to collect it.