Home Improvements Lower Insurance Rates

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Although homeowners insurance is based mainly on property value, there are some items that actually bring a policy down in price. Certain improvements to the property make it more functional and safe for structural integrity purposes. Old roofs and shaky windows pose problems for the house as a whole, creating possible damages claims in the future. A Bedford insurance agent recognizes when a homeowner has added particular features to reduce possible claims and prolong the structure’s lifespan.

If the home is several decades old, consider hiring an electrician to survey the main electrical panel. Older panels are prone to breakdowns and possible fire hazards. Upgrading the panel itself to a modern type tells the insurance company that fire is not such a large threat. Policy costs may drop after the panel is in place and working properly. Use only qualified electricians instead of a DIY project. Insurance companies may not approve of an amateur installation.

The heating and cooling system is one of the most expensive parts of the home. With both indoor and outdoor units, HVAC systems have many parts that can fail over time. For systems older than 10 years, insurance companies usually have to raise policy prices to cover possible claims. Invest in a new system to see monthly insurance costs fall.

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Modern systems offer improved energy conservation and lower insurance prices, benefiting the homeowner significantly.

Theft is a basic part to homeowner’s insurance so any strategies to avoid burglary are beneficial to the insurance. Consider an investment in a security system. Because of today’s technology, these systems aren’t as expensive as they once were. Small cameras and device apps to access them are commonplace, giving homeowners a view of the home even from work or vacation. Report the system type to the insurance company to see some discount on next month’s policy statement.

Weather is always a threat to a home’s structural integrity. If an area is prone to extreme winds and rain, evaluate storm shutter installation. These strong window covers protect the glass and frame from damage to avoid insurance claims. Even look into a roof replacement if older shingles are wearing down. Today’s metal roofs, for instance, provide decades of protection when installed correctly.

Speak with the insurance company to understand the exact features that create certain discounts. Although many additions are standard, regions with extreme weather could use particular upgrades. From tornado-safe doors to metal roofs, home improvements work for both the homeowner and insurance company for lower rates.