Discounts for Car Insurance

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Shopping for car insurance is sometimes a stressful experience. Though many comparison sites now exist, those sites only offer basic estimates and don’t alert shoppers about potential discounts. The average cost of automobile insurance can vary from around $50 a month for a basic policy to several hundred dollars a month for more coverage. Those with points on their license, an arrest for drinking and driving, or other issues will pay even more for car insurance. Talking things over with a Chappaqua insurance agent is an easy way for customers to learn how much their policies will cost and whether there are any discounts available.

Prior to determining the cost that a customer will pay, an insurer will complete a risk assessment on that individual. This looks at the customer’s driving record, age, type of vehicle, location and other factors to decide if that person is a greater or lower risk. Those the company deem as a greater risk will pay more for auto insurance. Even those who are a lower risk may find that their policies are too expensive, which is why many drivers look for potential discounts.

Driving certain types of cars can result in discounts from different insurers. Insurers often offer discounts for those who drive vehicles with anti-lock brakes, daytime running lights and anti-theft features.

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There are also discounts available to those who are married or reach a certain age. Insurance prices usually drop after a driver reaches the age of 25, but those who marry at a younger age can also get a discount.

Many insurance companies also offer discounts for those who go to driving school or take a driving class. Taking a defensive driving class can drop insurance prices by 10 percent or more. Drivers who avoid accidents can also receive discounts, and insurers may also offer discounts for college and high school students who show proof that they have high grade point averages.

Choosing the same company for multiple insurance policies can also bring down the prices that customers pay. For instance, a customer who opts for a home and car insurance policy from the same company will pay less than someone who purchases two policies from two different insurers. Insuring more than one vehicle from the same company can also result in a lower price.

To avoid the hassle of shopping around for the ideal policy, many drivers turn to a trusted insurance company or broker to discover discounts that can make their auto insurance policies more affordable.