Claims Adjuster

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When a person becomes involved in a car accident, they may be eligible to recover the costs of damage to their vehicle from their insurance company. However, there is a certain process that the person must go through to receive payment. This usually involves speaking with an adjuster. An Armonk Insurance agent can assist a policyholder with starting the claims process and letting them know what to expect when working with an adjuster should they sustain damage to their vehicle.

An insurance adjuster is someone who is hired by an insurance company to determine the cost of the damages to a policyholder’s vehicle following a crash. The adjuster may be an employee of the insurance company or they could be an employee of a third-party company who was hired by the insurance company.

An adjuster’s main job is to review the damage that was done to all of the vehicles involved in the wreck. They may inspect the damages in person and take measurements, pictures and other evidence pertinent to the case. Depending on the insurance company the situation can be assessed differently.

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In one instance the adjuster may also be required to take the vehicle to an auto mechanic in order to receive estimates for the cost of repairs.

Once an estimate of the damage is provided, the adjuster must then review the quote and determine if the repair estimate is reasonable. Because their job also involves reducing the cost of repairs for all of those involved, they may look for different mechanics to perform the work at a more reasonable cost.

If the damages to the vehicle are significant, the adjuster may decide to interview all of the parties involved in the crash and any witnesses who may have viewed the incident. In most cases, the adjusters are looking to ensure that the damages actually occurred because of the crash and not from another incident. If there are issues with a particular case, the insurance companies may use these interviews as statements during the legal process.

If the vehicle was completely totaled in the collision, the adjuster may be required to determine the actual cash value of the vehicle. The adjuster may use the present-day value of the vehicle to assist with this determination. Once the value is known, the adjuster will provide the insurance company with a written report detailing all of the information applicable to the case. The insurance company will then make an offer to the policyholder based on this report.