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Charles Goodman Group: Professional Insurance Agent in Armonk

As an Armonk Insurance Agent, Charles Goodman & Co Ltd has built upon more than 60 years of family-owned integrity in an effort to provide every client with exactly the right insurance products. The company believes well-informed customers who are properly cared for are the happiest, and it always strives to maintain that high standard of service. One size most definitely does not fit all.

When the company first sits down with a client during the free consultation, a broker will have a conversation with the customer and listen to what he or she says. From there, the broker will recommend any or all products from an extensive portfolio that provide a solution to a specific need. Brokers with a vested interest in cultivating long-term customer relationships are in a better position to make recommendations than faceless reps simply trying to achieve their sales goals.

Although most people are familiar with the most common kinds of insurance, many of them, especially those involved with businesses, forget casualty insurance. Whereas most insurance types offer coverage in one category, such as protecting cars, people’s health, homes and lives, casualty insurance covers liability due to negligence either through act or omission. One can think of it as “the kind of insurance that covers the things not considered.”

One of the Company’s great strengths is its desire to fulfill the needs of its “in-the-know” customers instead of just selling policies.

An insurance agent from the Charles Goodman Group of Armonk would be happy to answer any question you have about property insurance or life insurance.

After all, it’s much easier to do so if those clients know exactly what those needs are. The company wants to stamp out the fear of the “fast-talking, hollow-laughing insurance salesperson” and promote selfless, honest brokers of integrity who will take the time to do the job right without putting undue pressure on the company’s clients.

As an example of the success of both the company and one of its customers, there once was a person whose expensive jewelry was irretrievably lost. When that client purchased the insurance policy, Charles Goodman & Co Ltd took the extra time to list each item of the extensive collection separately on the homeowner’s policy. For that reason, the company was able to process the claim in fewer than 72 hours rather than the weeks it would have taken were the items simply listed as a group.

The 15 current employees of Charles Goodman & Co Ltd are proud to implement a set of ideals devoted to honesty and integrity. They’re not only a cornerstone agency of Chubb Group of Insurance Companies but also a prominent partner with Progressive, Fireman’s Fund and Travelers. After two generations of unquestioned success, the company plans on staying family-owned.