Auto Insurance Safety Discounts

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Many people think of insurance as just another monthly bill they have to pay, but it’s actually a way of spreading out the cost of accidents, damage and theft over the lifetime of your property. You can spend less on these unwelcome expenses by being vigilant and proactive about safe driving and theft prevention, and since you will be posing a smaller financial risk, your insurer will often reward you by reducing your premiums. Before you talk to a Bedford insurance agent, make a list of your vehicle’s safety and anti-theft features. These features include anti-lock brakes, blind spot and lane-departure detection, tire-pressure monitoring, rear-view cameras, alarm systems and vehicle recovery devices. One of the most expensive claims for an insurance company to pay off is auto theft, and vehicle recovery devices increase the chances that most of your vehicle can be recovered and repaired. Getting your car stolen usually results in higher premiums, even though you’re already a victim in this situation.

Other safety features include automatic seat belts, passenger- and driver-side airbags, daytime running headlights and adaptive headlights. You may not think that using your headlights in the daytime can make a difference, but these safety features are added to vehicles because they statistically reduce accidents by a significant amount. They make it more likely that other drivers and pedestrians can see you coming from a distance.

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Adaptive headlights are a little different, and they work by adjusting to your vehicle’s speed and direction to make it safer to drive at night. If your vehicle was manufactured after 2008, it includes a tire-pressure monitoring system, which helps prevent accidents caused by unevenly worn tires and cuts down on fuel and maintenance costs. You may also want to have an emergency response system installed in the event you’re ever in an accident. When a collision deploys your airbags, this safety feature performs functions such as cutting off the fuel, unlocking the doors and notifying a collision response team.

You must have a conversation with your insurer about these features in order to receive any discounts. Many of these features are included with most new vehicles, so insurance companies assume that you either have them or focus on other topics during your conversation. These features provide passive protection from accidents and theft, but you can take active steps to keep your payments low by taking defensive driving courses, removing valuables from your unattended vehicle and avoiding parking lots in high-crime areas when possible. As always, you can also keep your premiums low by raising your deductible.