Auto Insurance Claim Process

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Most drivers don’t submit auto insurance claims very often, making the process a mystery when it does occur. People are understandably shaken after an accident, but it’s the adjuster’s job to narrow down the facts and assign fault for specific insurance payouts. With a talented Bedford insurance agent helping a customer out, the claims process is relatively straightforward.

The moment an accident occurs, it’s a disorienting experience. If the person isn’t severely injured, they should document as much of the scene as possible. Pull out a notepad and pen to write down names, insurance information and phone numbers. As soon as police arrive, take down their information too. With cellphones being a common accessory, take advantage of the technology and start snapping pictures. Because the insurance adjuster isn’t there to see the accident, these pictures give them a perfect view of the vehicles and possibly injuries.

Contacting the insurance company is the next step. Give the operator all the pertinent information, including the policy number and holder name. With the information called in, the insured should deal with the vehicles and any injuries. If injuries warrant a hospital trip, allow the police to tow and store the vehicle until an adjuster can look at it.

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The number one priority after an accident is getting well. Pass on the written and photographic documents to a family member or friend so they can forward them to the adjuster. The faster the information flows to the insurance company, the faster the claim can be processed.

The adjuster takes over the accident at this point. They’ll work with the other parties involved by contacting other insurance agencies. Adjusters visit the damaged vehicles for a closer look along with surveying the accident scene. Their investigation is thorough and could take several days just to collect the information.

With all the facts in hand, the adjuster discusses fault and payout with the insured. Although a policyholder has certain forms of coverage, the adjuster determines if they apply to the specific situation. The fine print has a lot of information that must be broken down for proper payout. The accident’s cause is probably the most important decision because it defines payout between both parties involved. If the accident is the insured’s fault, the policy must payout to both parties in many cases.

Each policy year, carefully read through all the fine print with the auto insurance. Be sure to have a mixture of both major and minor coverage, including bodily injury liability coverage. Accidents occur at anytime, making the proper coverage a financial lifesaver.